Dessiné a Toi – Vintage inspired brand mark

Dessine a Toi – Art to You

Soft and romantic, vintage-inspired, special wedding day moments – the essence of Dessiné a toi. Owner and proprietor, Andrea Ament, reached out for a calligraphy-inspired logo for her antique/DIY Etsy store. We love the fun festive cake-toppers and the elegant tidbit trays in muted tones.

Dessiné a Toi | Practice Makes Better

I rarely get my letters the way I like them right off the bat – sometimes I’m not quite in the moment, sometimes I need a little wine, sometimes I just need to remember to slow down. (Ask my mom, she’ll tell you slow is not a speed I’m very familiar with.)

Dessiné a Toi Final Logo

From lines and lines of letters to a tight final logo, my process sometimes leads to the computer for a sharp able to be printed beautifully end product.

Dessiné a Toi | A collection of looks

Nothing like setting up a variety of business cards for my favorite place, I always recommend them to my clients, not only for the incredible quality and variety of options (slim, shiny, thick and yummy) but also because they allow a brand to showcase their personality with any number of images in one print run.

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