Place Cards by Emily Denis

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I love the holiday season – those fancy get togethers, those glamorous parties, the family and friends, the laughter – the time to spend with my most favorite people. This year I was asked to create place cards for a little informal Halloween luncheon.

Halloween Luncheon Names | Step One | Emily Denis

Step One: Choose a script that matches the tone of the event. Using a bouncy informal Copperplate inspired script, I hand wrote the names of attendees until I got the letters and names just the way I wanted them.

Halloween Luncheon Pumpkins | Step One | Emily Denis

Step Two: Watercolor a handful of loose pumpkins. A little orange, green and yellow playfully matched to capture the light hearted pumpkin on a vine feeling.

Halloween Luncheon Pumpkins | Step Two | Emily Denis

Step Three: Add a little definition to the pumpkins. Some fun ribs and flirty little vines spice up the form of the pumpkin.

Place Cards by Emily Denis

Step Four: Put them all together and celebrate!

China – Noritake China
Tablecloth and Napkins – Vermont Country Store (Isn’t that color just yummy?)


Hey, like show-n-tell?

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  1. Jackie Norris

    You have a wonderful talent for lettering. I’m only envious.

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