Star of Wonder Poster Header by Emily Denis

Star of Wonder Boutique

One of my favorite project this year was a poster, believe it or not. It helps that it was for a bright cheery event like a handcrafted holiday boutique complete with a bake sale and a hint of grandma’s lovingly curated attic. I’ve been dreaming of creating a completely handwritten poster for a long time and I finally got the opportunity to play a little.

Star of Wonder Logo Sketch by Emily Denis

It all starts with a sketch, especially with so many moving pieces. Page after page in my notebook became filled with ideas of stacking type, playing letterform against letterform until everything locked up to my liking.

Star of Wonder Poster Detail by Emily Denis

I moved from group to group keeping the overarching master layout in my mind at all times.

Star of Wonder Watercolor Wash Background by Emily Denis

I knew I wanted to play up the “Star of Wonder” night time motif with a deep dark navy sky (one of my favorite colors of 2013) and a pop of bright cheery color in the setting sun sky.

Star of Wonder Logo by Emily Denis

Star of Wonder Poster Detail by Emily Denis

Star of Wonder Final Poster by Emily Denis


Hey, like show-n-tell?

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  1. Jackie Norris

    This is beautiful. You really have a talent!

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