Apron by Emily Denis

Aprons for Ages

So, that old adage, “giving is better than receiving”?

That one is by far my favorite.

This year a friend of mine, with encouragement from the lady (aka Mom), started me down a bit of a gifting craze. Based on vintage apron patterns, fun and festive fabrics, and a bit of crafting craziness – I made eleven aprons for very special people this holiday season.

It all started with a little family “rule” – no Christmas gifts – and a little creative thinking because I LOVE to give gifts, plus we had “The Great Bake Off of 2013″. And everyone knows you bake better with an awesome apron – pretty sure I saw stats supporting that somewhere.

Apron by Emily Denis

Apron by Emily Denis

With bright, sometimes even festive, fabric tailored specifically for their future owners, every apron was a delight to create.

Aprons by Emily Denis


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