Bake Sale Packaging + Labeling by Emily Denis

Bake Sale Goodness

This time of year begs for amazing baked goodness! Beyond those amazing baked goodies (more on the recipes for these later) they also call for killer packaging and labeling. Have you ever played that guessing game at a bake sale? You know, the “and what’s in this?” game? What better way to tick that up a notch than with holiday inspired packaging (thank you Martha!) with some fancy hand washed calligraphied tags? It’s the little things that make me happy.

Bake Sale Packaging + Labeling by Emily Denis

How delightful does that combination sound? Sea salt caramel snickerdoodles?! Yes please!!! (Recipe to come.)

Bake Sale Packaging + Labeling by Emily Denis

How do you share those scrumptious family secrets? Why, only with hot pink hang tags, of course! (Recipe to come. Yeah, unfortunately no recipe sharing will occur with this incredible recipe. You read the family secrets part right? My gram, Oggie herself, will have my head and I kinda like it right where it is.)

Visit Martha’s holiday packaging beauties here.
DIY on the holiday tags – coming soon!


Hey, like show-n-tell?

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