Nib Sets by Emily

Nib Sets

Calligraphy is one of my most favorite past times. It slows down my sometimes self-induced hectic pace of life, reminds me to breathe, and gives me the freedom break the “rules” every so often.

Every so often, a friend of mine expresses interest in learning this art form. And since my teacher doesn’t offer workshops as far away as Washington State, I get to play. I am quite delighted to teach others my beloved hobby. Recently, a couple of friends have received starter sets. Complete with this handy little starter pointed pen nib set designed to leave the guesswork out of which nib you’re using and allow you to focus on the art.

If you’ve ever tried calligraphy on your own, you’ve maybe noticed the tiny type adorning the stems of the nibs. That tiny type lets you know what the specific nib is you’re using for any project. Having a variety of nibs allows you to write on a variety of papers and surfaces. Some let ink flow well on thick nubby paper, some are sharp and pointy and perfect for detailed work or those beautiful thin flourishes that add a touch of elegance to any project.

Yes, in some ways, I’m all about cheating.

(Just kidding but I don’t always keep a magnifying glass handy…)



Hey, like show-n-tell?


  1. Jackie Norris

    I’m impressed. I’ve worked at calligraphy for years…though not much lately. It’s work to get it right and you have to have the right state of mind.

    • emily

      That frame of mind can often be found with a glass of wine. :) So much of it is about letting go of everything and just focusing on the task at hand.

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